The Day of the Lord

NEW AND IMPROVED! MORE POPULAR QUOTES! The “Day of the Lord” by John Accomando Many modern, popular, eschatology teachers assert that the “day of the Lord” (DoTL) includes the 70th “week” of Daniel 9:27, and that we are therefore raptured prior to the start of that same span of time, which is widely referred to as “the tribulation”, in futurist vernacular. Most of these same teachers would acknowledge that “The Great Tribulation” only encompasses the 42 months which follow the mid-week “abomination of desolation” (Matthew 24:15). Here are some excerpts from their writings on the topic: Dwight Pentecost (“Things to Come- A Study in Biblical Eschatology”)- “The term the Day of the Lord, or that day, is not a term which applies to a twenty-four hour period, but rather the whole program of events, including the tribulation period…” John Walvoord (“The Rapture Question”)- “The Day of the Lord as presented […]

Are You Going to Heaven?

  ARE YOU GOING TO HEAVEN? By Kenneth M. Hoeck What does the Bible say about heaven??  Most people if they were asked this question would say that heaven is the place “up there somewhere”, the place that “the people who are saved by Jesus will go and spend eternity.”  Is this true?  That is what so many people, religious people, believe…. so it is hard for many to imagine it being anything else. What happens when we die? Some think that you become an “angel”. What does the Bible say?  Is heaven a place where we will sit around on clouds all day and play harps?  Is this “doctrine” biblically sound?  Have you ever proved , from the pages of your own bible, that people go to heaven when they die? Let us guide you through some scriptures that may help you be assured of what happens to a […]