The chart below portrays the two paths that have existed since the creation of man. These two paths are expressed in scripture as either: light verses darkness; tree of life verses the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; flesh verses the Spirit; mercy verses judgment; faith verses unbelief; wheat verses the tares; sheep verses the goats; wise verses the foolish; truth verses the lie; life verses death; righteousness verses unrighteousness; and surrender and obedience to God verses seeking the lusts of the flesh. We all follow one of these paths. The path which we are on is determined through our actions and not our profession (to be discussed).

There is a separation between the two paths (barrier). Just as light and darkness or water and oil do not mix, neither do these two paths. In all these charts, you must consider which path you are actually on. You cannot claim to be following the Spirit while your life’s actions seek the lusts of the flesh and expect to receive (produce) life – See Chart #2 (Be sure and read the scripture at the bottom). A further example is given on Chart #3 – the main message is in “orange” with a secondary message in “green” and “aqua.” Notice the “red” line of separation. Be sure and read the scripture by the “yellow” splat for the secondary message.

Just follow the “blue” and “red” color coding on Chart #4 and be sure to read the verse at the bottom. The message couldn’t be more clear.

Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. This is vividly portrayed in Chart #5. The works of the devil result from his lie which is the darkness that is sustained through the lusts of the flesh. This produces sin and unrighteousness and results in death. Following the desires of the flesh will surely lead you to be ensnared by the devil and brought into bondages and burdens. Jesus offers freedom, but you must not love the darkness. You must be prepared to forsake and leave the darkness.

Chart #6 gives some insight into the devil and his “followers.”

Chart #7 considers what is found in the darkness – what must be “overcome” in your life. Chart #8 ponders the “strong delusion” given to those who love not the truth (because they love the darkness, Jn 3:19).

Chart #9 vividly portrays the path Christ followed and the path Jesus rejected by denying the flesh.

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